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Vision is arguably the most important of the five senses, playing a crucial role throughout childhood and your entire life. Studies have shown nearly 80% of the information children learn in school is presented visually. For that reason, comprehensive eye examinations are crucial for children. Detecting and treating vision problems early will ensure your child can see clearly. You should take your child to an optometrist or ophthalmologist for a thorough exam to check for proper development and signs of eye disease. If needed, these eye care professionals can prescribe treatment, including eyewear and/or vision therapy, to correct vision development issues.

At Eye Candy Kids, we believe glasses should reflect your child's personality and style! We're your go-to boutique for the best selection of optical and sport eyewear...and sunnies, too! Say "goodbye" to cheapo 2-for-1 mall glasses, and "hello" to tiny and trendy!

Your child will love picking out their fab new frames at our fun, kid-friendly boutique. With imaginative decor and vibrant colors, they'll feel inspired and comfortable. Whether your little one is shy, laid back, or a superstar in the making, we've got the best designer eyewear to show their true colors. Most importantly, we have frames they'll be excited to wear!

Eye Candy Kids also has a location in Delafield at 637 Genesee Street.
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